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The Front Porch Easter Vigil 2017
Saturday, April 15 at 7:59 p.m.
at Scholz Garten in ,

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Saturday, April 15
at 7:59 p.m. at Scholz Garten
in ,
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Tickets: Free Event
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1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701, USA

Featuring a slew of Austin artists plugged into a one-of-a-kind, fluid liturgy developed by Front Porch director Stephen Kinney and other closely-tied thinkers and clergy, The Front Porch Easter Vigil kicks off promptly at sunset the evening before Easter. This year, we'll once again gather at Scholz Garten to witness this unique convergence of brilliant minds and beautiful voices, all raised to celebrate the mystery of death and new life presented to us by the Easter story. RSVP here at Coho Events today to let us know you're coming! Also, keep in mind: while it's completely free (and encouraged) for you to RSVP, we do ask for a donation (suggestion: $10 per person) during the vigil itself to help us pay the artists the living wages that we guarantee.

This year, our performers include: Body Rock ATX (Riders Against the Storm + DJ Chorizo Funk), Kevin Russell of Shinyribs, Sam Baker, Rabbi Neil Blumofe, Jimi Calhoun, Gregory Eaton, improvisors from The New Movement Theatre, Chucky Black, Sherry Gingras and the Djembabes, and many others.

True to our Front Porch roots, this Easter Vigil proudly welcomes all creeds and beliefs to our table for communion at the end of the gathering, welcoming all into the final celebration: the after-Vigil dance party produced and directed by the legendary BODY ROCK ATX! This year's vigil is produced by The Front Porch and sponsored by IACT, St. Matt's Episcopal Church, All Saints' Episcopal Church, and The Episcopal Student Center at UT-Austin.  
Who's In?
Riley Webb
Alex Eklund
Lia Haisley
Megan Marie
PJ Brogan
Ken Purcell
Tina Donth
Becca Branum
Faye Alexis
Mark Yaconelli
Julie Brewer
Hierald Edgardo
Eric Guthrie
Jackson Frazier
Nora Foster
Tess Lambrecht
Robert Rister
Susannah Broyles
Monica Neeser
Angelica Williamson
Virginia Healer
Lisa Starr
Vicki McCullough
Debra Stapleton
Kelly Gray
Alice Nezzer
Elizabeth Gray
Laura Saintey
Laura Johnson
Axel Jochmann
Jayne Nussbaum
Lauren Hanks
Jazz Jaeschke
Lisa Morgan
Margo Bower
Genevieve DaSaenz
Karen Wynn Wilson
Travis Helms YM
Alisa Carr
Khris Deleon
Joy Gooden
Thomas Daugherty
Maggie Alexander
Christine Havens
Carolyn Moreau
Carolyn Powers
Kimberly York
Ann Hudspeth
Donna Daugherty
Joe Davis-Fleming
Leighanne Swaverly
Trey Buchanan
Mary Keenan
Valerie Strauss
Nelson Smith
Jo Ann Merica
Alan Cannon
Sarah Ponder
Shawn Utterback
Kathleen Littlepage
Mary Pat Waldron
Stiles Lowe
Monica Jill
Andrea Standish
Charlotte Frazier
Rodney Williams
Deborah Coley
Carol Chapman
Sam Greer
Duane King
Simone Flowers
Bethany Trombley
Aimee Zivin
Kate Mai
Jill Walker
Donna Webb
Gwen Kinney
Marilyn Berry
David McAfee
Riley Webb
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The Front Porch Easter Vigil 2017